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About Childcare Works

The Childcare Works consortium is made up of Mott MacDonald, Coram Hempsall’s, and Coram. Together we have extensive experience and expertise in early years and childcare provision, with a track record of delivering contracts of national importance for local authorities such as: Childcare Works Holiday Activities and Food (HAF), 30 hours childcare, and Achieving 2 Year Olds (A2YO) contracts. We specialise in providing expert advice and guidance to Local Authorities and working with the central government to deliver successful programmes. In January 2024, we were appointed by the Department for Education as the Delivery Support Contractor for the Early Years Entitlements and Wraparound Childcare expansions.

Coram Hempsall’s

The Coram Hempsall’s team will lead Local Authority (LA) support, providing Local Authorities with a named adviser and with a team of specialist expert advisers who will be relied upon for targeted specialist support as required. The Coram Hempsall’s team will provide a universal support offer of regional and national network meetings, thematic support, and resources dependent on need. They will also deliver targeted support for those Local Authorities who identify as requiring more focused support based on a system of prioritisation. The Coram Hempsall’s team will also deliver provider support, through stakeholder engagement, through the development tools and documentation, as well delivery support.

Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald (MM) is the lead contractor for the Childcare Works consortium and leads the programme and contract management. MM activity includes the coordination of events and webinars, dissemination of information and learning, and monitoring milestones and deliverables. Mott Macdonald is also responsible for managing the Childcare Works helpdesk, updating content to K-hub and managing the SharePoint portal that will support data collection from Early Years and Wraparound Local Authority teams. MM also lead and manage the development of data collection and analysis across the length of the programme.


Coram will be responsible for collecting and collating learning, and for designing and maintaining this website. The learning website will host resources (case studies, and best practice tools etc) in a variety of formats (podcast, blogs, videos etc.) for both Local Authorities and providers. The site will include a ‘LAB’ for Local Authorities and a ‘HUB’ for Providers; two distinct areas to connect Local Authorities and Providers to useful and reliable content. Coram are also responsible for collecting and sharing evidence and learning from the early adopters and convening an expert and stakeholder board to test and challenge assumptions and support with decisions.

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